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Green Waste Clearance In London For Gardens And More!

Pile of leaves and bags full of green waste

Garden waste just piles up, doesn’t it? There are always a few twigs and weeds here and there, the occasional clippings and cuttings, and then there are the inevitable piles of leaves at the end of every summer. When you need to get all the green waste out of your garden or lawn because it might lead to unwanted fungal growth, then we can help you with prompt and reliable green waste clearance in London.

You may want to have the branches cleared away in time for the garden party this weekend, we will make sure even the last blade of grass gets to the compost site.

  • We offer you a budget-friendly rubbish collection service which is weight-based and comes with all disposal charges, equipment, and manual labour included;
  • Book a free survey with one of our representatives 24/7 over the phone or online and get your individual estimate on site;
  • We come at a time that suits you best – early morning, evenings, and even weekends and bank holidays bookings are available;
  • You can request your green waste clearance as a part of a multiple booking bundle and get discounts;

What is green waste?

This service includes only the collection of compost and organic material.

Why should I dispose of garden waste separately from other rubbish?

Composting, the process of applying heat to greens in order to speed up their decay, is an excellent fertilizer and energy source. Separating your green waste from your non-organic rubbish is one of the best ways to do your share for the environment!

Short list of common items we take

Grass cuttingsSmall branchesChristmas treesGarden weeds
Soil and turfHedge clippingsAnimal bedding or strawLeaves
Plant pots or polystyreneTwigsLitterPlastic bags or liners

Is There More?

In fact there is. Should you need additional waste removal services around your London home such as house clearance, builders waste removal or loft clearance, you can count on us. For patio furniture, please refer to our furniture disposal service!

A Service That Reflects Our Attitude Towards the Environment

What could be so responsible in disposing of green waste, you might think. It’s perfectly biodegradable! Technically – yes. But there’s a reason garden waste doesn’t go in the same bin as your other recyclable waste. Take a look at some facts and see why you need professional green clearance service:

- Garden waste is biodegradable, but it can’t get the oxygen and water it needs to breakdown in landfills.

- Specialised composting sites produce finished compost in just a few weeks through a carefully monitored process.

- Once it is turned into a nutritious soil conditioner, garden waste can be used by landscapers, agricultural operations, and even you when you buy a bag from your gardening centres.

By using your specialised garden waste sacks and bins and hiring us for a professional green waste collection, you make a difference to the community and the environment. In the meantime, we make sure your effort is reciprocated with value and efficiency!

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