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Food Waste UK Infographic

Do you use the food caddy left for you by your council?

Food waste collection was introduced in the UK in 2010, but still a whopping 29% per cent of Brits report not using it. Did you also know that the UK is Nr. 1 in Europe in amount of avoidable food waste thrown out annually?

Fantastic Waste Removal believes only habit and motivation stand in the way of London residents to filling the gap! Our rubbish collection company wants to take initiative by providing you with food waste UK facts and statistics, as well as a list of simple things you can do every day to fight avoidable food loss in our country.

Fantastic Waste Removal wants to present of the damage that UK food waste is causing both to the environment and the economy.

For the purpose we've created an infographic that, although quite colourful, paints a pretty dark picture.

 Food waste UK Infographic with facts and stats 
  • Plan your meals thoroughly before shopping
  • Keep store-bought food in its packaging, it will last longer
  • Keep tabs on your grocery's expiration dates and consume them before they expire
  • Freeze and can foods you know you won't be able to eat
  • Use bruised fruit to make smoothies
  • Buy wonky fruits and veggies
  • Use your black food waste caddy