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Christmas Tree Collection in London: Take the Weight Off Your Shoulders

Christmas Tree Disposal LondonAre you tired of always stepping on needles or of having to constantly put your Christmas tree back up after your cat decided to play with it for the hundredth time? Contact Fantastic Waste Removal today and let us sort that problem out in a matter of minutes!

Book our Christmas tree disposal service in London at a time of your choosing and we will arrive at your property, load the tree in our van and take it for recycling before you can even say “I no longer want this tree in my household.” Pick up the phone today,  dial 020 3746 3338 and receive a free estimate!

Take a Look at What Our Service Has to Offer

At Fantastic Waste Removal, we always strive to meet the ever increasing demands for convenience and accessibility. To this end, we have ensured that our Christmas tree collection in London will be able to fit in almost every business schedule in existence. Here is what you will gain by giving us a ring:

  • A same-day service that allows you to dispose of your Christmas tree in a matter of hours.
  • Reference-checked and insured specialists who are available every day of the week and whose services are priced the same even during weekends and bank holidays.
  • Convenient booking that allows you to choose a date and time of your preference instead of the one assigned by your local council.
  • Service includes - loading, transportation and disposal

How do I benefit from having you collect my old Christmas tree?

The process of Christmass tree disposal is an important part of the tree's life cycle. When hired by you, it becomes our responsibility to take the tree to the right place for it to be turned into mulch. Afterwards, the mulch is properly distributed in a way that helps new seeds grow. The holidays are the last stage of a Christmas tree's life, but with Fantastic Waste Removal they can also become a new beggining!

Christmas Tree Disposal and the Way We Do It

Hassle-free - Christmas tree disposal. Simply give us a call and get a free estimate. A team of well-trained waste removal pros will come on site, confirm the final price and cautiously collect it from your property. It will be safely disposed of afterwards.

Call Us Today and Have One Less Problem to Worry About

To enjoy all of the benefits listed above, simply dial 020 3746 3338 at a time of your preference – the friendly advisers are available day and night and are always willing to provide you with a free estimate without obligation! For online booking, either fill in our website booking form or enter our live chat feature and we will answer every service-related question you throw at us.