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Clear Your Property with Building Waste Removal in London

Construction and demolition waste collection

As exciting as it gets, the refurbishment of your new home or renovating your current one takes its toll. Halfway through, you’re already wondering what to do with the piled plaster, rubble, and broken tiles. We know how stressful this can be this is why you can count on us to help you and take care of the refuse for you.

Short list of common items we take

WoodRubbleConcretePiles and ceramics
MetalsSoilBricksPaving Slabs

The London Building Waste Removal Service That Takes Care Of Everything

Slow and steady wins the race but we know you want to have the building waste gone and junk collection done as soon as possible. However, disposal of construction and demolition waste requires a license. And we are authorised by the Environment Agency to dispose of all kinds of waste under the Duty of Care Law. Also, we can help you as soon as next day! Also, did you know about our... ?

Responsible Waste Disposal Policy

There is a lot more to responsibly dealing with waste than just collecting it, so we deliver the materials we’ve picked up from your home or commercial establishment to recycling sites where they are separated and processed. Therefore, you not only get rid of the bags of rubble and debris fast and with minimum disruption to your renovation plan but you also make a difference for your community and the environment.

  • We are authorised by the Environment Agency to dispose of construction and demolition waste.
  • We deliver all collected rubbish to recycling sites where it is sorted to be recycled under the UK Waste Management legislation.
  • Our services are charged based only on volume and weight, so you pay only for the amount of waste we collect from your property.
  • You stay in complete control of your spending as we provide personalised onsite service estimates which include the cost for disposal fees and manual labour.
  • The waste removal London specialists load absolutely everything meticulously, giving Mary Poppins a run for her money.

Why should I opt for builders waste clearance over a skip hire?

It's quite simple – professional rubbish removal is the only kind of waste disposal that doesn't require you to do the loading. Our prices include all the labour required with rubbish collecting, while a skip hire service includes only the transportation to the waste site.

Call Fantastic Waste Removal Today, Get Rid Of The Construction Debris!

You can make a booking, reschedule a service, or ask us anything 24/7 over the phone and online. If you’ve taken a step back on you refurbishment plan, we’ll get you back on track! Get your personal quote by filling our request form or ask our representatives some questions via the live chat on our website or at 020 3746 3338. As soon as next day, your rubbish will be gone so you can get back to what’s really important, like arguing over the colour of the bathroom tiles or who gets the en-suite bedroom.